To function as an apex body /nodal agency to promote and nurture cultural activities of all types in the region. This will include :

  1. Take up activities aimed at promoting public awareness about traditional architecture, including, but not limited to production of literature , multimedia products, organizing awareness programmes etc.
  2. Coordinate with other agencies, organizations and institutions involved in the field of cultural activities through organizing joint programmes, arranging financial assistance from funding agencies and leading joint initiatives.
  3. Prepare comprehensive plans for assisting cultural institutions for establish them to function effectively, and implement such plans with the cooperation of such institutions
  4. Take up directly and indirectly programmes and initiatives that will increase the spread of cultural activities in the region.
  5. Involve in all such related activities with the objective of showcasing, preserving and promoting cultural activities specially those relating traditional architecture and sculpture , mural painting and arts.
  6. To conduct various academic courses covering various aspects of Traditional Architecture and other ancillary arts at the Certificate /Diploma/Degree level after getting the necessary recognition for the same and refresher courses for practicing Architects/Civil Engineers..
  7. To undertake documentation/archiving of existing traditional buildings of architectural importance through detailed survey, photography, videography and architectural drawings.
  8. To undertake activities for preserving and strengthening specific old buildings of Architectural significance which need restoration work.